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Sareer Pocketo 3000 Pocket Memory Matttress

Original price £306.16 - Original price £612.32
Original price
£306.16 - £612.32
Current price £306.16

3000 Pocket Memory Mattress. As well as featuring 3000 dual-suspension pocket springs for increased comfort and airflow throughout, the 3000 series brings the luxurious natural qualities of lambswool and silk to a high-performance design which also includes two rows of hand side stitching attached to the springs to enhance shape retention.

The natural fillings work in harmony with advanced technology to provide a softer feel without compromising the strength of the support.

3000 Pocket Springs
Our dual suspension 3000-pocket springs represent the best springs technology on the market with an unrivalled combination of comfort and airflow efficiency. They are supplemented by an additional layer of 1000 tablet springs each containing over 1000 mini pockets.

Natural Lambs Wool
Sourced from Yorkshire farms, our pure lambs wool offers a wide range of qualities with a fine yet springy and resilient fibre structure, which provides soft yet strong support. It contains pockets of air to provide breathable performance and help regulate bed temperature.

Natural Silk
Silks continuous yarns make it one of the strangest natural fibres available. Sourced from UK suppliers, our silk adds a luxurious touch to this Pocketo mattress. It is lightweight, breathable, hypoallergenic, highly lustrous and highly resistant to mould and mildew.

Polyfill Rebound Cotton
Polyfill rebound cotton is a superior replacement for polyester fillings with better performance all round. This natural filling is softer, more comfortable and more durable. This feature is incorporated into most Pocketo mattresses, from the 2000 series up to the 5000 series.

Hand Tufted
To complement the advanced technology, we apply the more traditional method of hand tufting in which tufts are driven through the mattress at regular intervals and secured at each end, creating pockets of fillings. This secures the mattress fillings to improve support.

Hand Stitch
Side stitching is a common feature on mattress but with inferior products it is only applied externally to aesthetic effect. That's not the case with Pocketos hand side stitching. It is attached to the springs inside to fulfill its purpose of improved shape retention and durability.

Dust Mite Resistant
The allergic effects of dust mites can vary from mild nasal problems to severe congestion or asthma attacks. Pocketo mattresses are designed to be allergen-proof with materials that are carefully chosen to resist mites and prevent conditions in which they thrive.

No Roll Together
Inferior mattresses will sag under the weight of two sleeping partners and cause them to roll together at the centre of the bed. In contrast, a Pocketo mattress provides that stability and responsive support to avoid this problem and allow independent sleeping alignment.

Hand Crafted
In addition to the same classic aesthetics and attention to detail applied to the 1000 series, this series enjoys extra touches of hand crafted detailing, including a 3D border and engraved branding. Our highly trained experts take great pride in their standards.

Lower Back Support
Lack of spinal support can cause the vertebrae to squeeze the discs in the back, potentially leading to severe back problems. Pocketo mattresses are designed to relieve key pressure points, including the lower back, and provide healthy spinal support to prevent aches and pains.